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This website sells all kinds of men and women fashion apparel. You can find a great selection of jewelry, watches, glasses, shirts, dresses, hats & caps, jackets & coats, pants, shorts and all kinds of fashion products. Check it out here - Grealz.

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This web site is about fashion for all the familly members. From baby to parents. Check it out here -

Movi Beauty

"I love experimenting and playing around with cosmetics. From the different colors to the various textures, and the fact that there is always something NEW! I’ve spent countless hours perfecting the colors and finish to my line. I wouldn’t want anyone to wear anything that they didn’t truly adore. I can assure you that you’ll fall in love with the entire line! We are just kicking off and I promise you... much more to come!"
Great collection of liquid lipstick with adorable colors to select from. Check it out here - Movi Beauty.

S.L.A.C.K Employed

"S.L.A.C.K is feeling damn good, and everything goes your way. S.L.A.C.K is a way of life."
- Lord Slack

Seeking Laziness Always Channels Knowledge. Cut yourself some S.L.A.C.K - you deserve it. Use LAUNCH10% at checkout to get 10% off. Check it out here - S.L.A.C.K Employed.

"Now, you can bring the majesty of the dinosaur home in a piece of dinosaur jewelry or clothing from Dino Goods. The most quality materials make up our colorful dinosaur necklaces, dinosaur earrings, and various assortments of dinosaur jewelry. Always fair prices and free shipping on all orders help to make it easier than ever to get your hands on adorable dinosaur earrings or beautiful dino pendants."
What’s your favorite dinosaur? has awesome dinosaur jewelry. Dinosaur earrings and necklaces as well as miscellaneous dinosaur items. Check it out here -


"Our unique collection of wooden watches are the perfect gifts for men and women. Our products bring together the finest materials and stunning design to create something very special. We believe in quality, care, and creating unique products that everyone can enjoy. Colorful, creative, and inspired by what we see every day, each product represents what we love about the world we live in."
This site is all about wooden watches for men, women and unisex - Spartannwood.

Wedding Party Favors

"A BIG congratulations if you're the owner of a brand new engagement ring! Wedding planning is really exciting but there are times when it can be incredibly stressful as well which is why a handy wedding checklist will be the thing you turn to again and again. Before you get down to the nitty gritty, first things first, sign up to 501CFundraiser Club for all your supplier and inspirational needs and get yourself well acquainted with our galleries and collections of wedding jewelry, favors and gifts."
Sign up to receive:

  • a step-by-step wedding checklist to help you keep on top of everything, 
  • a "DIY Wedding Planner" video authored by Belinda Selene and 
  • a "How to Plan a Budget Friendly Wedding in Under 30 Days" video. 

Check it out here - Wedding Party Favors.

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