"The DJEEG'N brand is created for each woman's unique Body shape and Beauty. Its modern interpretation and multi-cultural approach pushes the limits of contemporary fashion while providing sustainable employment opportunities to local Sénégalese artisans. "
DJEEG'N is a womenswear brand launched in 2014 by Sénégalese- French born designer Aïssata Ba. The DJEEG'N collection epitomizes playful sophistication and has been described as a fresh, modern take on respected classic silhouettes. Each piece derives inspiration from creative director Aïssata Ba 3 ethnic sagas: Her Sénégalese roots, her Parisian upbringing and her New York experience. The designer's passion for culture is seen through her usage of distinctive tie and dye techniques made in Sénégal mixed with modern styles. Check this out! - Djeeg'n .


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