Junktion Jewelry

"Junktion Jewelry offers a different point of view and new aesthetics by relocating objects from one world to another, a sort of a design “ready-made” usage in which things are taken out of their functional usage and are instead viewed through an aesthetic lens. Different industrial objects such as bearings, keys, cylinders and work tools are used as the jewels’ raw material. "
All of Junktion Jewelry’s creations are unique. The guiding principle in their design is dismantling, assembling and adding, while preserving the material and conceptual nucleus of the original object. Yet, each object is altered differently, in the technique that suits it best and without casting or duplication. This way, the story of the original object becomes part of the jewel, and is present in the jewel’s shape as well as in the use of the raw material. In all the jewels the original base metal is preserved - brass, stainless steel or iron - and to it noble metals such as silver and gold, and at times gemstones, are added. It is important to point out that the metals that come in contact with the body are always the noble ones; however, there is flexibility in the ways in which the materials are used, so that the design can be altered to suit each client. Check this out! - Junktion Jewelry.


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