Lapis Lois

"A collection of modern, romantic jewelry using natural gemstones. I sell to higher end Boutiques, Websites and Department Stores "
Jill Boylan lives and creates her designs in Calabasas, California where she lives with her husband, teenage son and 2 dogs. Her inspiration for Lapis Lois is rooted in her Pacific Northwest childhood home in Tacoma, Washington by the beautiful Puget Sound. As a teenager, Jill applied her creativity and design skills to a line of jewelry called People Beads that sold locally. Jill later evolved her designs drawing inspiration from her own mother's 1950's style and elegance, that is so evident in the Lapis Lois line. Also contributing to her unique aesthetics are her experiences in traveling to India where her stones come from, and her love of combining unusual shapes and colors. Check this out! - Lapis Lois .


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