Red Stella Salon

"Red Stella is among the leading high-end hair salons in Austin, known for providing personalized attention to our fashion-forward clientele. The heart and soul of our Austin hair salon is our expert team of stylists, handpicked for their fearlessness in the art of hairdressing and pure inspiration."
Like a classic convertible, a fabulous haircut has the power to turn heads and make a lasting impression. We believe every haircut should give you “look at me” confidence – event if it is just a trim. Team Stella sees to it that you achieve the style and color you want every single visit. Whether you have long, straight hair or short, curly locks, our hair salon in Austin knows how to make you feel like the best version of yourself. A place where fashion-forward looks reign supreme, our team uses the latest hair products and tools to make sure your results don’t only look beautiful, but last longer. Out of all the hair salons in Austin, Red Stella’s passion for masterfully crafted hair and obsession with detail is unmatched. Check this out! - Red Stella Salon.


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