White Trash Charms

" White Trash Charms is a hand-crafted, high-quality jewelry, all made in LA. Inspired by everything Pop Culture "
White Trash Charms is a modern and highly popular jewelry brand, designed by fashion stylist and designer Brooke Dulien. Jewelry is gently designed and manufactured in the heart of Jewelry District in Los Angeles. The Jewelry items differ in designs, shapes, and sizes.The White Trash Charms jewelry is for everyone, from the most conservative, to "it girls and celebrity alike's". Due to their design diversity, the jewelry is very popular and has very cute items such as Petite Cherry Pendant, Rainbow Pendant, Heart Granade, Lucky Charm, Hair Pick, Girl Pendant and rocks with its Skull Locket, Lightning Bolt, V Pendant and Beer Pendant. White Trash Charms is also very popular among celebrities. You can see Madonna, Gwen Stefany, Miley Cirus, Justing Timberlake and many other stars wearing such Whitetrashcharms designs as Lightning Bolt, Cute as a Button, Peace Pendant, Mudflap Girl, Hair Pick and many others. Check this out! - White Trash Charms .


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