"We are part of a growing movement to overturn outdated laws restricting hemp (cannabis sativa L.) production and thereby expansion of the green economy. We advocate to grow and mill our fabrics stateside, from seed to stitch. Whether as food, fuel, plastics or fiber, hemp has thousands of applications for everyday use. "
Recreator is a creative co-op producing sustainable hemp fashion in Los Angeles, California. Since commercial hemp farming remains illegal for most U.S. farmers, they have to import our fiber and fabrics. Because hemp textiles perform so well outdoors and help to conserve vital resources like soil and water, they allow us to enjoy nature while working with it. Hemp is the central resource for Recreator to address the environmental collapse of fashion, which ranks just behind the oil and agricultural industries in pollution. As an industrial crop, hemp requires far fewer chemicals and less water to grow than conventional cotton. As well, hemp plants sequester huge amounts of carbon from the atmosphere. Check this out! - Recreator .


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