Lela's Legacy

"Hello Beautiful, we wanted to let you know how much we value your business. Each day the first 25 orders of $25 or more will receive a FREE PAIR of SUNGLASSES! "
It's a website where you "shop and Share" at the same time. Shop for fashions and when you buy you are sharing because 10% of your purchase goes to a partnered church/charity that uplifts women and girlsAmongst other things, Lela was known for her clothing and fashion choices, she had an eye for beauty and wore it well. She made all around her pay attention to the beauty around them and within them as well as how they demonstrated their own beauty through their fashion choices...thus the brand was birthed! The intention of the brand is to make all women feel beautiful while giving back to women who are struggling in any way, we are an catalyst for women finding and/or claiming their inward and outward beauty again and building their very own legacy or becoming a part of ours and sharing in our principals. Check this out! - Lela's Legacy.


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