Micoré Global Inc

"There is a need for good American made cosmetics in Kenya that are affordable, unlike the major brands. Here's a solution! "
Micoré Global Inc (mi-core-ray) is a Palm Beach, Florida based company founded by Mercy Alexander to revitalize the brand from Micoré International Inc, a Multi-level Marketing company founded by her and husband Derrick (and partner Achal) for premium hair extensions that operated for three years from 2012 to 2015. Changes in the hair industry and MLM industry however, convinced them to close that model. But Micoré is a powerful brand, with the word meaning Zebra in Mercy's native Kikuyu language (wambui micore). Her and Derrick chose that name to represent products for all women of the world, Black, White, and every tone in between!Check this out! - Micoré Global Inc .


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